About Master Wendy S. Goldman

San Diego Qigong Instructor

San Diego Qigong, Qigong in San Diego, San Diego Qigong Instructor, San Diego Qigong ClassesMaster Wendy has been studying natural medicine and natural healing techniques since the late 1980’s, and studying meditation and Eastern energetic arts since 1994. She started practicing Qigong while in acupuncture school in 1996.

In Oriental Medical school, Wendy fell in love with the beautiful and comprehensive system of Chinese Medicine. Qigong and Tai Ji (Tai Chi) are part of Chinese Medicine, and were required courses in school. Wendy found the effects of regular practice so beneficial for relaxation and decreasing the stress of medical school, that she was determined to learn more. She began studying with Grandmaster Fu Wei Zhong, 13th Lineage Holder and head of the 800 year old school of Emei Qigong. After years of study with Grandmaster Fu, Wendy was given the title of Master. She continues to study, practice and teach Qigong. She also integrates medical Qigong into her acupuncture practice, as well as in private Qigong healing sessions.

Wendy is a nationally-certified acupuncturist, and licensed to practice Oriental Medicine in California. She maintains a private practice in San Diego, where she integrates Qigong healing into her practice of Oriental Medicine. Wendy and her patients have had profound benefits from practicing and using Qigong healing techniques. Master Wendy leads a weekly Wuji Gong practice group in Balboa Park, and periodically teaches Qigong classes and seminars. She’s been called a clear and entertaining teacher, and is available for speaking and teaching engagements, including corporate and conference presentations.